Weekly Newspaper 7th of September

Sep 8, 2022

Network City Project is Approved

CIP-100, titled 'The Network City', has successfully passed through snapshot voting with 94% approval. Project commencement is now underway. Leadership team consists of CityDAO Citizens will4, j0sh | DAOvolution, scottfits, and lyons800. All communications for this Network City project will be taking place in the #cip-100-network-city channel in our Discord.

Full Project Details are available on our forum:

and snapshot:

CityDAO Academic Conference

We are proud to announce the completion of our first CityDAO Academic Conference this past weekend of September 3rd & 4th. Education forms the foundational heart of many modern cities, and this Conference marks another step towards CityDAOs foundation as well. Leadership of the event was provided by the Education Guild with communications held between Citizens in the #education-and-research channel.

Game Night with Community Guild

Join the next CityDAO game night and get to know your fellow Citizens! Last weeks quiz based game night brought lots of laughter and intense -yet friendly- competition, and sparked many fun conversations.

Congratulations to the winners of our first game night:

🥇hamzat_iii - 1708 points

🥈mcbonton - 1412 points

🥉Royalty - 930 points

Some Updates for Discord

The history thread that we all loved is now back again ! Interesting information, pages from history, great photos and discussions. They are all here for you to explore... Also, we are happy to let you know that CityDAO Foodies thread has been moved to the #general channel. Many citizens were sharing great food photos and information from local and international cuisines in the old thread that was in a citizen-only channel. Now, everyone can participate !

Snapshots this Week
The Network City