Weekly Newspaper 5th of October

Oct 5, 2022

Snapshot updates

No active proposal on Snapshot.

CIP-100: The Network City updates

The CIP-100 team has finalised the legal structure of the project. Shout-out to Josh Rosenberg who has been working hard on the legal structure! The transfer of one million USDC fund to the new multi-sig is in currently in progress, so don’t panic if you suddenly see a one million dollar decrease in the CityDAO treasury. This fund will be expertly handled by the CIP-100 team. If you haven't done so, you can read about how the million dollar will be spent in the proposal’s document.

MemeBrains AMA with Orange Protocol

CityDAO co-hosted a twitter space with Orange Protocol. Discussion topics included DAO accessibility, reputation and digital identity for contributors and Harberger taxes about our CIP-100 project which is currently in progress. This public facing event is part of the larger scale media initiative for CityDAO. Drop a note in the Media channel of the CityDAO Discord (requires "Media" role from Unlock Channels) if you have a lead for other events we as a DAO can participate in.

Recording of the Twitter Space here.

Community photo

This time, we have a photo of a statue of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founding father and first president of the Republic of Turkey, taken by simplepixellife. As his titles suggested, Atatürk is a very well-known figure in Turkey, and you can find statues dedicated to him in various places throughout the country. So next time you visit Turkey and you run into one of his statues, you know who he is!

A statue of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

How to get involved:

Contact us in CityDAO Discord Community Guild's channel (requires "Community" role from Unlock Channels) and join our weekly officer hour on Wednesday, 3 pm GMT in Community Guild's voice channel.

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