Weekly Newspaper 2nd of December

Dec 2, 2022

Snapshot updates

Temp Check: What monument should we build on Parcel 0? - currently live on Snapshot.

Note that a temp check is non-binding, meaning that actions will not be taken in accordance with the result. It is only meant to gauge the interest/opinion of the community. A more detailed formal proposal may be posted at a later date.

Progress on Baby Parcel

It’s been a while since the last official update on the Baby Parcel, but the project is progressing. The teams have been working on preparing the NFT lease system for the parcel. You may see an announcement about it in the near future. And speaking of parcels, the term that we’ve been using is “Parcel Blanca”, so you’ll want to keep in mind that “Baby Parcel” and “Parcel Blanca” refer to the same parcel.

For now, we have a preview of how the division of Parcel Blanca will look:

New podcast episode

We have podcast episode 38, hosted by our citizen MemeBrains as usual. This time, the topic is “Empowered Communities, A DAO Ecosystem Conversation” with our guest Jordan Gray, an ideator from AstroDAO. Astro is a platform with advanced tooling for launching DAOs, with over 800 DAOs launched from its ecosystem so far.

You can listen to the episode here.

Game Night time change

Previously, we have been hosting our game nights at 6 pm GMT on Saturdays, and we are aware that this time slot is fairly inconvenient for people in certain time zones. Therefore, we’re trying out a new time slot for our Saturday game nights. The new time for the game night will be 3 pm GMT (3 hours earlier than usual), starting this Saturday.

The game nights are hosted in #game-night channel in CityDAO Discord (under the “FUN” channel category). Like usual, the game nights only consist of easy-to-play quizzes, and anyone can participate, citizens and non-citizens alike.

Twitter analytics

The Media guild has released some Twitter analytics of the CityDAO Twitter account for the month of November:

  • Impressions up 40% - 102K
  • Tweets up 84% - 44 Tweets
  • Mentions up 20% - 507 mentions
  • Profile visits down 20% - 25K visits
  • Followers - 31K

Both impressions and mentions were increased, which is good news. Though our profile visits were down 20%, a number of 25k is still in a healthy range. The Community guild and Media guilds have been making plans on the marketing front with the aim to increase our exposure further, so more people will know about CityDAO through social media. 

Community Photo

A wild chicken has appeared!

Photo by Lupei

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