Weekly Newspaper 28th of September

Sep 29, 2022

Snapshot updates

- CIP-124: Q4 Funding

Approved on Snapshot.

- CIP-123: CityDAO In-Person Meetup and Team Building

Did not meet quorum. Discussions are currently in progress for potential alternative options. Conclusion TBA.

Updates on CIP-100: The Network City

This is currently our most ambitious project towards our goal of creating our Network City. CIP-100 Project updates will be included in this weekly newsletter moving forwards.

Last week, Will Holley from the CIP-100 team delivered a presentation on the project and on the concept of Harberger taxes which was well received by attendance. A recording of this presentation is available here

A top priority for CIP-100 is to finalize legal details. This is currently aimed at being completed within approximately 2 weeks.

Contest result

The judges have decided on the winners for the CityDAO contest; “How to Build a Better Tomorrow”. Results are being announced soon. Big congratulations to the winners! We encourage everyone to read the winning submissions here:

1st place

2nd place

3rd place

Game night first month conclusion

The first month of our Saturday game nights has concluded. Rewards for the winners will be distributed soon. We love seeing our community members do fun activities together like this. We’ll keep improving and introducing new games for everyone's enjoyment. 

The first game of the month for October scoreboard cycle will begin this weekend. If you missed the games last month, make sure to set a reminder for this one!

Harberger article

We have a new mirror article on the topic of “Harberger Taxes on Real Land and Property”, written by Nicholas Bernard. The Harberger tax is an obscure idea that has been around for quite some time. The practicality of it has yet to be proven outside of theoretical models, but it is certainly an intriguing system. Check out the article here

Community photos

Our CityDAO Citizen ExplorerGeek took photos from a beautiful island country of Singapore while she was there for a CityDAO meetup. It's great to see community members meeting and building relationships IRL!

Marina Bay Sands
Old Hill Street Police Station

How to get involved:

Contact us in CityDAO Discord Community Guild's channel (requires "Community" role from #3-unlock-channels): here , and join our weekly officer hour on Wednesday, 3 pm GMT in Community Guild's voice channel.

Snapshots this Week