Weekly Newspaper 26th of October

Oct 26, 2022

Snapshot Updates

CIP-111: DAOLabs Space in Denver, CO. approved on Shapshot.

See the details of CIP-111 on the Snapshot page here.

CIP-100: The Network City Update

Soon, the community will have to decide, through the CIP, the direction of The Network City Project whether we want CityDAO LLC ownership or a non-profit ownership of the art and land of the The Network City. The decision will be in the hands of the citizens, but the CIP-100 team is in favour of the non-profit ownership. Apart from what was explained in the forum post, the team also provided additional rationales which you can read here.

DAOLabs Daily

Following the approval of DAOLabs, the project will now have calls daily calls at 2 pm GMT in town-square (voice) in CityDAO Discord. Anyone is welcomed to join the call and discuss/ask questions about DAOLabs project. If you wish to discuss/ask questions but can't make it to the calls, you can do so in the DAOLabs channel.

In other news, the project already has the booking system for the DAOLabs space planned out in a document, which can be read here.

New Discord channel category

Speaking of DAOLabs channel, we have a new channel category called "PROJECTS" where you can find all the dedicated channels for all of our existing projects. At the top of the category, we also have project-topics channel, where posts can be created. It works like the thread feature where you can start a post about any discussion topics on the relevant topic, but it's better in the sense that the posts does not clog up the channel tab on the right, and moreover, the posts will not get archived.

Community Photo

Simplepixellife, one of our Turkish citizens, went to a work trip in Kazakhstan and took some cool photos during his journey.

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