Weekly Newspaper 19th of October

Oct 19, 2022

Snapshot Updates

CIP-111: DAOLabs Space in Denver, CO.

This is a proposal to create DAOLabs, a co-working space in Denver, Colorado. This is not just your typical co-working space. DAOLabs will utilise unique features such as QV funding and Partial Common Ownership (PCO). You can check all the details of the proposal on the Snapshot page here.

Voting deadline: October 22, 4:59 pm GMT

CIP-100: The Network City Updates

We have many new updates for the CIP-100 project! Here are the highlights from the updates:

  • The project is now incorporated under the name "Common Labs, Inc." as a nonprofit corporation.
  • CityDAO token holders will be able to mint a soulbound token that comes with life-time membership of The Network City.
  • Matt Prewitt, the President of RadicalxChange, has joined the project team.
  • The project has received interest from Matthew Stone, a world-renowned artist.

The full update is a great read, we highly encourage you to check it out on the forum page here.

CIP-126: Updates to CityDAO Governance - “6 Months In”

This is a very important proposal. Over the past year, some of the processes involving CIPs have not been as smooth as we’d like it to be. This is due to the ambiguity of the old operating agreement. CIP-126 aims to fix this issue. The proposal will make adjustments to the operating agreement with the goal of simplifying the CIP process. 

CIP-126 is currently being discussed on the forum. You can participate in the discussion and/or leave a like on the proposal here.

Guild Updates

Legal & Finance Guild
  • Currently looking at an alternate path for making treasury swaps using our FTX account.
  • Working on a breakdown of anticipated expenses and CIPs, which will shed light on a treasury strategy and plans for eth/usdc swaps.
  • Planning an alternative structures around Q1 2023 budgeting to increase accountability and allow for new entrants.
  • Bookkeeping and monthly statements.
Planning Guild
  • Paid CityDAO taxes
  • Planning next steps for baby parcel
Development Guild
Media Guild
  • Full week of Twitter content out and scheduled.
  • Outline for CIP announcement schedule is done, ready for implementation.
  • Discussing whether to experiment community call on Twitter.
  • Notion is up to date.
  • Outline for agency requirements continues, hoping to help manage a push for Baby Parcel when the team is ready.
  • Continuing work on the State of the Nation Newsletter with full template and video draft ready by next week.
  • Ready to host an AMA Twitter Space with konradk.eth (kkopczyn) to discuss Governance Updates (awaiting access to host).
Community Guild
  • CityDAO In Numbers video is being worked on by a third-party professional animator (shout-out to simplepixellife for getting the deal).
  • Community Roundup vol.19 will be published by the end of this week.
  • Preparing a new, community-centric office hour format before switching to town-square (voice) instead of community-voice next week.
  • Considering hosting a new event: Tuesday Night Music Club (shout-out to tippi fifestarr for the idea).

Community Photo

This week we have a couple of photos from a casual CityDAO meetup at Stargazer Farm in Oregon, taken by tippi fifestarr.

How to get involved: leave a message for us in CityDAO Discord's community channel.