Weekly Newspaper 18th of November

Nov 18, 2022

Snapshot updates

t0wn: approved on Snapshot

DAO Coalition Funding: approved on Snapshot

CIP 129 - Grant for a Startup to create a Harberger Tax Inspired NFT Protocol & Marketplace: voting currently live. Deadline is 2:16 AM GMT, November 22th.

CIP 129 Summary

Proposal: Provide a Grant for a Startup to create a Harberger Tax Inspired NFT Protocol & Marketplace

Amount: $250,000 USDC, spread out over 4 progress milestones (see snapshot vote)

Intended outcome:

  1. Resolve 3 of the primary pain points affecting the DAO and Gated Access Community ecosystem as a whole
  2. Replenish the CityDAO treasury to fund more projects in the future
  3. Save developer costs from other CityDAO projects which need a Harberger Tax model as well

This project is led by @MemeBrains and @TheBossDragon. Inspiration for this project comes from numerous conversations within CityDAO active projects about the benefits of Harberger Tax based NFT solutions. The CityDAO Citizen NFT is designed to help us all vote on proposals. Every vote counts, put those Citizen NFTs to good use by voting on all active proposals!

Writers Cohort updates

The CityDAO Writers Cohort now has a dedicated Discord channel where you can discuss anything that you want to know about the event. We also had a Twitter Space AMA about the event, the recording of which you can listen to here. Remember that you can sign up to participate in the event for FREE! Give it some thoughts if you want to improve your writing skill and network with other cohort members. The event will start on November 25th.

Sign up at the official website here.

Twitter Space: Building in Bear Markets

We held our first impromptu CityDAO Twitter Space hosted by MemeBrains in the topic “Building in Bear Markets”. We’ve had many Twitter Space in the past, but this was the first time that we did an impromptu one. The main discussion points were about the reasons why people were willing to commit to CityDAO, how the situation changed during bear markets, and what inspired us to keep building during such conditions.

You can listen to the recording here.

Community Photo

We know that DAOs will lead the future. That's why we are here; we are working to build a web 3 city, the city of the future. Our Turkish Mod, simplepixellife, has been working at his desk with a cool setup. What is your workplace setup at home like? Share some photos in CityDAO Discord!

How to get involved in the newspaper: leave a message for us in CityDAO Discord's community channel.