Weekly Newspaper 17th of December

Dec 17, 2022

Snapshot update

No active proposal on Snapshot.

Featured CIP

CIP-134: Purchase an income generating property

This proposal was made based on the opinion of participants who participated in the Polis survey about opinions on the direction of CityDAO’s projects in 2023; there were a large number of people who voted in favour of projects that buy income generating properties, such as houses or condominiums. We’re currently spending money at a faster rate than what we make, therefore, a project that can generate money will increase our financial sustainability.

If you want to share your thoughts on the proposal, you can discuss right on the forum page or in the #proposal-discuss channel on our Discord. Remember, your opinion matters.

New Project Channels on Discord

We have a few new channels under the “PROJECTS” category. The channels under this category are all about CityDAO’s currently on-going projects, so if you want to catch up on the progress of our many projects, those channels are where you want to check.

#cip129-nft-marketplace : this is a channel for CIP129 - Grant for a Startup to create a Harberger Tax Inspired NFT Protocol & Marketplace, a proposal which was approved on Snapshot last month. The latest information on the project can be found here.

#ethdenver23 : this is a channel for discussions about CityDAO’s participation in the next ETHDenver, which will happen from Feb 24 to Mar 5, 2023. Feel free to share ideas about what you want to see happen.

Korean article about CityDAO University

We have a new Korean article written by Cryptotraveler, this time with the topic “Can Web 3.0 Lower the Barrier to Higher Education?”. This article is a part of the CityDAO article series that he has been writing. The article series is fully in Korean, although you can use Google to translate the page to English—the English translation is quite accurate. This article series is a part of our attempts to increase awareness on web 3 and CityDAO within countries which are relatively untapped by CityDAO.

You can check out the article here.

Blue checkmark for CityDAO Twitter

CityDAO Twitter joins the blue checkmark gang. Although this makes it easier for you to see that the account is legitimate, it is still possible for scammers to get around the verification and obtain their own blue checkmark, so remember to not let your guard down even when you see the blue checkmark. Not with just CityDAO account, but with other Twitter accounts in general too. Be safe out there, citizens.

Community Photo

Our citizen, simplepixellife, attended a web3 seminar event in Istanbul. Participants in the event included members from universities, DAOs, startups, and individual web3 enthusiasts. The main discussion of the event was about decentralised sustainability. Guests from many different communities spoke about how blockchain could help with the sustainability of our society.

Photo by simplepixellife

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