Weekly Newspaper 15th of August

Aug 15, 2022

We are happy to announce our first Grants winners!

The competition was tough among many of the finalist projects. After long discussions, the committee decided and chose the projects thatare most aligned with CityDAO’s mission. We hope to continue to work with many of the projects as they continue on their web3 journey.Now it is time to move forward and connect with the winners of grants. We will provide updates to the community as the grants progress.

We also want to thank the Grants Guild committee and members who made this happen. It is great to see the web3 community worktogether, and we want to see more projects in future.

Here are the winning projects…

  • CityDATA - Phase I: Information Access
  • NiceNode - Run a node, just press start.
  • BlockSoc DAO

CityDAO Academic Conference

We are proud to announce our first academic conference and wewelcome a range of scholarly papers, including discussions of web3initiatives or physical projects in fields related to DAOs, governance,on chain assets, web3 education, cities and communities.

The Conference will be held virtually via Zoom on Sept 3-4, 2022 fromapproximately 8:00 am - 2:00 pm PST.

More details on the official website

Korean blog about CityDAO

A community member, Cryptotraveler, started to write articlesabout CityDAO.

The first article is about how CityDAO started, mission &roadmap, how people can join CityDAO and become a citizen,explanation about NFTs, Dework, and many more...

If you want to check it out, click here(It is in Korean by the way )

CIP 88 from Chinese Community

A CIP by Taylorlynn. The purpose of the experiment is to explore thepossibility of web3.0 technology, natural land resources, people andconsumption.

The idea, roadmap, benefit to CityDAO, next steps...

You may find all the details at CityDAO forum

Another great episode of CityDAO Podcasts

Shout out to Memebrains and Media Guild for the podcast series.

We have reached the 30th episode !

In this episode, network state and the future of civilization isdiscussed with our guest Luis Cuende from Nation3. If you want tolisten, you can just click for Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

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Save your seats for August 17th

We have a roundtable coming up on Aug 17th at 10am PST onTwitter.

It s a part of our new roundtable series happening every first andthird Wednesday of each month.

This month, our guests will be Nation3 and Afropolitan. It is going tobe a great one, so you don’t want to miss this.

Click here to set a reminder now !

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