Weekly Newspaper 14th of September

Sep 14, 2022

The Network City - CIP 100 Update

A deep dive Q&A session was held in the Media Guild call between @will4, @Da3vid, @missa and @memebrains and everyone else present on the call. The purpose of the session was to help Media Guild to prepare outwards facing media content relating to the proposal.

The call covered many important subjects around potential land location, vision for the project, why art is an important centre for the project, harberger tax concepts and much more. @will4 is preparing a summary detail document to share with the DAO and further calls and discussions will take place.

Reminder to join CityDAO Community Call on Discord hosted every Wednesday, 10 pm GMT if you want to discuss about the CIP or other CityDAO topics.

CityDAO Culture Document

Culture is at the foundation of every city on earth and CityDAO is no exception to this. Harmonizing the efforts of people across broad geographic locations, numerous languages and diverse backgrounds presents unique challenges and great opportunities. Culture can happen by accident or it can happen intentionally.

The document creation process is being led by @missa from Media Guild and includes input from numerous Citizens. It is intended to help us all create a positive and encouraging environment for the whole DAO. You can provide input by posting in the Media Guild Discord channel (#media)

Your input matters!

Upcoming Snapshot Votes

CIP 123 is a proposal for an in-person Meetup and Team Building experience to be held in Portland, Oregan on October 1st-5th, 2022.

This proposal comes from the success of the last IRL meetup which occurred earlier this year and presents an opportunity for Citizens to have some travel expenses covered to engage with team building experiences at the event.

Proposal details here:

A photo of an old CityDAO IRL meetup

CityDAO Barracuda Page

Barracude is a place for CityDAO to compile all official links into one single resource for easier navigation by Citizens.

If you're looking for a url related to CityDAO, it will most likely be on the Barracude page here: (or simply click the image below)

Snapshots this Week