Weekly Newspaper 12th of October

Oct 12, 2022

Snapshot Updates

No active Proposal on Snapshot.

Guild Updates

Planning Guild

- Baby Parcel: held kickoff calls with Tuncay, Casey and others to discuss initial design and implementation. Main priority is writing up initial tech specs and getting initial GEOjson / KMZ data.

- Charter v2: finalising a draft with Josh and Konrad for presentation to the DAO soon.

Education And Research Guild

- Working on a 3-minute promotional video and a metrics sheet to show value, productivity, satisfaction, etc. for the conference.

- Completed full lecture and workshop in CityDAO for Inholland University. Final workshop will be held next Thursday.

- Had a discussion with the CIP-100 team on the topic of Harberger tax on lease for future writing work.

- Working on a possible new course in DAO tooling with a certificate.

- Working on children’s book, a copy of which is mostly done.

Compliance Guild

- Taxes will be paid next week.

- Dune board and txn history bounties.

- September txn labelling and monthly statement.

- Investigating accounting for streaming payments.

- Misc: credit cards, legal invoice.

Grants and Projects Guild

- New microgrant for Parcel 0 on-chain payment system, and a possible hackathon on the theme is being discussed.

Media Guild

- Working on a highlight reel of previous podcast episodes to showcase the strong connections, progress and reputation of CityDAO. This will also serve as part of a potentially greater initiative in conjunction with other startup Network State related ventures and could become the foundation of something greater for the Network State industry as a whole with CityDAO on the forefront.

- Continued development on the Media roles, responsibilities, recruitment document to better position CityDAO media for success in the future.

- Re-started the Twitter initiative with regular daily tweets

- Re-started building Notion processes and documentation for Media related topics.

Community Guild

- Working on the next CityDAO community roundup mirror article

- Planning two new initiatives:

1) CityDAO Intro Video: a short introduction video (3-5 minutes) that explains who we are and what we aim to achieve.

2) CityDAO In Numbers: infographics that display various statistics from CityDAO to show the community how far we’ve come.

Community Photo

The CityDAO meetup was held just outside of Portland, Oregon on October 1-5. The value of conversing in person was apparent immediately and made for some fun activities. We played Tippi Fifestarr’s book stacking game, Laranger gave us a deep dive on the CityDAO smart contract, we spent time in nature, and had lots of DAO talk. Everyone brought an interesting perspective which reinforced my assumption that CityDAO is full of amazing people.

Narration by zeno, photo by Clinamenic.

Hanging out by the river near zeno's farm

How to get involved:

Contact us in CityDAO Discord server's Community Guild (require the "Community" role from unlock-channels) and join our weekly office hour on Wednesday, 3 pm GMT.

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