Weekly Newspaper 11th of November

Nov 11, 2022

Snapshot Updates

There are currently two active proposals up for voting on Snapshot

t0wn: a proposal to turn The Big Parcel proposal into a new project. t0wn will be the hub for DAOs and other web3 organisations, the “Silicon Valley of the web3 industry”.

Voting deadline: November 12th, 3:45 pm GMT

DAO Coalition Funding: a proposal to fund CityDAO's effort to form a group of around 30 DAOs and supporting organisations to advocate on behalf of DAOs in the US and globally. 

Voting deadline: November 12th, 4:54 pm GMT

The Network City suspension

CIP-100: The Network City is currently being suspended as the direction of the project is being decided. Therefore, we won’t be having any update on The Network City project until further notice.

CityDAO In Numbers video

The Community Guild has put together a small video that shows, in numbers, the progress of CityDAO so far. In the video, you'll be able to see various interesting statistics that we have accumulated in our journey.

Shout-out to the Media Guild for uploading the video, which you can watch it here.

CityDAO Writers Cohort

In collaboration with Taptive, we’ll be launching CityDAO Writers Cohort on November 25th. You'll have the opportunity to connect with other citizens in the cohort, join four live workshops, and publish a 1000-word blog post every week for three weeks to improve your writing skills.

You can sign up to participate in the programme for free here.

Guild Updates

Education and Research Guild
  • Working on a CIP about CityDAO University.
  • CityDAO Academic Conference’s metrics summary and promo video are done.
  • Working with students at Inholland University on initiatives for CityDAO.
  • Children’s book is still in progress.
Media Guild
  • State of the Nation newsletter design is complete - now the copy is being finalised
  • Ready to launch Twitter space collaboration media tour once access to Twitter is ironed out.
  • 2 live podcast episodes are being promoted with Satoshi Island and build_cities
Hashland (Baby Parcel)
  • Working on product specs and design (casey)
  • NFT lease mechanism (josh)
  • CIP for funding and to establish relationship with CityDAO (scott)
  • Start dev work (Tuncay)

Community Photo

"A delicious late night dinner. Turkish cuisine is world famous and contains many great meals. This restaurant is not a classic one. Here you actually get the grill in a room and cook the best meats by yourself. Meatballs, ribs, chops with grilled vegetables seems too good to be true. Btw if you want too, you may have 'Rakı', a traditional alcoholic drink."

Narration and photo by simplepixellife.

How to get involved in the newspaper: leave a message for us in CityDAO Discord's community channel.

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