Weekly Newspaper 10th of December

Dec 10, 2022

Snapshot updates

Temp Check: What monument should we build on Parcel 0? - the result is 63.33% in favour of building a CityDAO logo monument.

Remember that this is only a temp check, and therefore is non-binding. If the team in charge wants to follow up on it, then a formal proposal will be posted later.

Featured CIPs

CIP-133: Parcel 0 Infrastructure Project Management

We’re sure that many of our citizens still have their own Parcel 0 NFT. The Parcel 0 project received some funding some time ago, but things have been slow due to the lack of project infrastructure to execute the usage of it. This CIP will make sure that Parcel 0 has that infrastructure. Now, we would never force you to accept a CIP. If you read it and you don’t like certain details of it, feel free to participate in the conversation on the forum or in #proposals-discuss in CityDAO Discord.

Hackathon (potentially recurring)

This is a CIP to authorise the hosting of virtual CityDAO hackathons. The objective of CityDAO as a whole is to experiment with web3 city building, and to achieve that, we need ideas. Practical ideas that can be scaled up, to be exact. These hackathons, hopefully held monthly, will be the breeding ground for such ideas. The CIP is close to receiving 20 likes on the forum, so we’ll likely see it on Snapshot soon. Nevertheless, joining the proposal discussion is still encouraged if you’re interested in the proposal.

The Journey of CityDAO

The Community Guild has produced a new video, titled “The Journey of CityDAO”. This video will guide you through the summary of every important event/milestone that has happened within the journey of CityDAO so far; a brief history of CityDAO. 

If you haven’t been with us since the beginning, this is a great opportunity to learn about our journey so far in just 4 minutes. And even if you have been with CityDAO from the beginning, maybe there's something cool from our journey that you didn’t know about.

You can check out the video here.

t0wn AMA

t0wn is a project that was rebranded from the Big Parcel project, with the aim of creating a hub for DAOs and web3 organisations; a Silicon Valley of web3. This project was already approved on Snapshot last month. A project of this scale, we’re sure that you must have many questions about it. You can drop your questions in the #t0wn channel, of course, but the team is having an AMA session in town-square voice channel on 13 Dec, 9 pm GMT, so you can join the call and ask the team anything about the t0wn project.

Community Photo

Here we have a nice collection of figures from our citizen simplepixellife, neatly displayed in glass display cabinets. You can definitely recognise many of the figures here. Maybe your favourites are even among them. Do you own figures too? Or perhaps other kinds of collectibles? Feel free to share them in CityDAO Discord!

Photo by simplepixellife

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