Understanding the Guild

Jun 16, 2022

The Education & Research Guild provides a number of initiatives:

CityDAO University: The ultimate goal of this Guild is to pursue academic accreditation towards being the first-ever web3 university able to offer internationally recognized Bachelors and Associate degrees. This is a very ambitious goal and will require a series of steps over time.

CityDAO Academic Symposium: The Guild will hold academic symposia and conferences devoted to a scholarly study of subjects related to web3, cities, education and other related issues. Our first CityDAO Symposium is currently scheduled for late August. The topic will be: “The Web3 College Town”

Classes, Workshops and Courses: The Guild will create courses, including a DAO course, taught by professors from reputable, accredited universities. Other workshops, courses and classes may be offered by members of CityDAO or by outside educators.

CityDAO Publishing: The Guild will undertake publishing projects, the first of which will be a book about DAOs and CityDAO, and will then begin a call for authors related to the DAO ecosystem.

Educational Documents: The Guild will produce clear, easy-to-understand, well-edited documents, research, copywriting and other distributable materials for a consistent message and to ensure that guilds do not suffer from replication of work.

Educational Discourse: The Guild will create groups devoted to reading and discussion of scholarly papers and articles, such as the DAO Study Group and the Philosophy Channel. This discussions be for personal edification or may lead towards the bountied productions of scholarly works, which may be edited and published by this Guild.


Now that you see what the Education & Research Guild is doing, please explain which of the above intiatives interest you, if any. If none of them interest you, we’d love to know if you can think of any academic, educational or research issues that might interest you. Write this here.

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