How we work together

Jun 16, 2022

You’re almost there!

The final question may be the most important, and that is how we work together. The way we see it, there are three possible roles you might choose to pursue:

  1. Participant: You’d like to occasionally check out our channel on discord, or attend our weekly calls or even accept a bounty once in a while. You are a participant and you are welcome. The process is done! Feel free to pop in whenever you want and chat with us.
  2. Contributor: You regularly join our weekly guild calls, we get to know you and you get to know us. Show up at our weekly DAO Study Group if you’re free on Fridays at 4 pm EST and add to the discussion if you’re interested. Accept some bounties and maybe join an initiative such as our publication team, academic symposium team, DAO course and workshop team, etc.
  3. Guild Member: These are the people who actually vote on the Guild Improvement Proposals, which govern our bounties, our treasury and the decisions about how we operate in this guild. To join, come to our weekly guild call and let us know you’re interested. We review all candidates and choose those who will form the backbone of what will someday be... CityDAO University.


There’s nothing more to write. Just step into the #Education Channel and begin the journey...

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