CityDAO Newspaper - November 15th, 2023

Nov 15, 2023

There was a pause in the publication of the newspaper since we’ve spent the last couple of months working on a proposal that would install a new city council which the community team is a part of, and the proposal did pass thanks to the cooperation from the communities of CityDAO. With that said, let’s get into the news.

CIP-202: City Council 2.0 International v.2

As mentioned, CIP-202 was approved on Snapshot at the end of October. The proposal installed a new City Council, the members of which also included the community team who will be performing community tasks as usual while also assisting with the council tasks. The council members will be working on solving problematic issues which have been accumulating in the past several months, all remaining unresolved until now due to the lack of clear authority. These issues include the CIP process, the charter, tools, legal issues, taxes, and many more. You can read the full list along with all the other information on the Snapshot page. The council’s term is 6 months starting from the beginning of November. At the end of the term, an election will be held to determine the council members for the next term.

We have experienced some stagnation throughout this year, and a lot of it was due to the previously mentioned issues. We hope that once they're resolved, we'll be able to regain our footing and continue to build for CityDAO at an accelerated pace. The council will make sure to be as transparent as possible to the community and regularly provide updates about our direction and progress.

And finally, a word from one of the council members, serkanbenol: "After months of long discussions, plus the support from the CityDAO citizens, the City Council is established once again. Thank you everyone who stood behind us. Through our work, we strive to change the minds of those who doubt the council. Having so many different communities coming together for the first time encourages us to overcome the language barrier and unite every communities around our project as one. The existence of the council will allow CityDAO to be more democratic and offer greater number of perspectives on problems."

CIP-129 Updates

There have been many huge updates for the CIP-129 (NFT Marketplace) project since the publication of the last newspaper. The CIP-129 team has been busy integrating more feedback from the citizens and developing new functionalities for the nodeblocks. A great deal of effort is being put into the project, exceeding the original scope of the CIP. The top 3 highlight updates are the following:

  • The beta version CityDAO app is now available. All the intended features should be working properly, but further testing and feedback are needed. If anyone would like to try it out, you can do so by following simple instructions on this video.
  • The DAO ecosystem has provided highly positive feedback with Nodeblock so far. The following communities have integrated with the dashboard and sent out official promotional announcements: BanklessDAO, ApeCoinDAO, 8DAO, and Krause House.
  • The Harberger Tax MVP is currently live on the testnet, marking the completion of milestone #3. The live demo was conducted for the community on October 4th. If you missed it, you can watch the demo video. Alpha testing and feedback gathering is currently in progress.

Other updates from the project:

  • Snapshot voting functionality is now live, meaning that you can now vote for active proposals on Snapshot directly from the dashboard.
  • Treasury transaction labels have been integrated, displaying transactions on CityDAO main safe from 2023 onwards.
  • Event badging functionality was tested at ETH Toronto after-party with successful results. It will continue to be developed throughout future events.

Current priorities until the next update:

  • Finish polishing the Harberger Tax MVP and share the testnet URL publicly
  • Progressive web app and general feedback gathering from the community
  • AIP with ApeCoin for broader adaptation of CIP-129 features

If you have further questions regarding the CIP-129 project, you can contact MemeBrains or TheBossDragon on Discord, or reach out to MemeBrains on Twitter(X) @memebrains

Featured Community Photo

Our fellow citizen went for a tour of Hong Kong's Cyberport centre during the BAYC ApeFest, and met up with the ApeCoin, Animoca, and Mocaverse teams for general discussions and introductions. Hong Kong is a hub for the web3 ecosystem and is on the global radar as a potential hub throughout the next decade. The communities are vibrant, the teamwork is strong, and the potential's are broad. More discussions will need to take place and a second visit out might be coming soon.

Photo by 8DAO, featuring MemeBrains

How to get involved in the newspaper: leave a message for us in the CityDAO Discord server’s community channel.

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