CityDAO Newspaper - May 31st, 2023

May 31, 2023

Spring is coming to an end. Or it might last for 3 more weeks, depending on how you define the start date of the season. Nonetheless, it’s been getting quite hot lately (or cold, depending on where you live), so make sure to hydrate well, citizens.

t0wn Updates

We have some development for the t0wn project. The team has offered a new proposal, CIP 182 - t0wn STAGE ONE funding allocation, to make adjustments on the project’s progression and reallocate the funds towards said progression, for the better, of course. Below is the brief of the CIP.

The project currently has about $54k left in its treasury, which is meant to be used for team compensation and discretionary funds. The team would like to reallocate this money towards building two apps that would benefit both the project itself and the CityDAO citizens, and the legal costs related to analysing the appropriate DAO structure. The two apps to be built are the following:

  • A dominant assurance smart contract: a smart contract based on Alex Tabarrok’s Dominant Assurance Contract idea, where entities pledge money towards a project, and if the project fails then the contributors will get their money back, with the earliest ones receiving a small prize. Additionally to the app, if this assurance contract can raise $750 for the t0wn project after it is deployed, then stage two of the t0wn project will be automatically triggered.
  • Identity Verification App: an app that will raise the KYC to global standards. With the emergence of AI and other technology, simple verification methods such as NFT and Gitcoin passport may no longer be enough. This new app would verify ownership of a wallet address, and then marry the owner and the wallet with a soulbound token, which can be burnt by either the issuer and the holder in the case of identity fraud or the owner wanting to disconnect/move address.

The proposal is now in the middle of voting on Snapshot, and it is expected to pass. Speaking frankly, the team could have reallocated the fundings without making a proposal for it, since the money was originally requested for team compensation and discretionary fund. But the team went out of their way to propose the CIP in order to be as transparent as possible about how they want to proceed with the project. Be sure to give them your support if you can, and please look forward to the apps that they’ll be building!

New Podcast Episodes

CityDAO Podcast episode 46: The Dfinity Foundation & The Internet Computer, with guest Kyle L. The Dfinity Foundation is a non-profit organisation, founded by Dominic Williams in 2016, to support and promote the development of the Internet Computer, a decentralised computer network with the aim of providing a secure and scalable platform for hosting applications, services, and websites without relying on traditional, centralised structures.

New Community Roundup Article

The CityDAO Community Roundup article series on Mirror continues with the newly published vol.21. The content this time is a little different than usual. Previously, the content was largely the same as the newspaper, so you could either get your CityDAO news from the regular newspapers, or from the less frequent roundup articles. To reduce this redundancy, the content of the roundups has been changed so you get to read something different for those of you who prefer to read both the newspaper and the roundups (which is much appreciated!).

Turkish Twitter Space

A Turkish Twitter space on the CityDAO Web3 House project will be held next week. The exact date and time will be confirmed in a few days on our Twitter/Discord. It will likely be between 7-9 June at 18.00 GMT (subjected to change). In the space, the general idea of the web3 house project will be discussed. Guest speakers who will give feedback on the project are also to be expected.

Community Photo

A landscape of a beachside resort in Fethiye. An ocean view where the sea stretches as far as your eyes can see is nice, but a hidden beach like this can also be a very cosy place to have a vacation at.

How to get involved in the newspaper: leave a message for us in the CityDAO Discord’s community channel.

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