CityDAO Newspaper - May 15th, 2023

May 15, 2023

How have you been, citizens? It’s a great thing to chase your ambitions, but remember to take care of your health too. Little things such as getting enough sleep, and drinking plenty of water are more important than you think. With that in mind, let's get to the news.

CtiyDAO Web3 House Updates

It’s been one month into the first phase of the CityDAO Web3 House project, half-way through the research duration. CityDAO Web3 House is a project with the ultimate goal of establishing a Web3 house in Turkey, and it is currently in its pre-CIP stage where the feasibility of the CIP itself is being researched. Simplepixellife, the project owner, has been making visits to Sapanca, a town in Turkey known for its abundant nature. This is the town that the house would be located in if the project is deemed to be feasible.

So far, the following topics had been investigated:

  • General price range of suitable properties, rent prices, tax rate, and operational expenses forecast for one year
  • Economic situation and status of the real estate market in Turkey
  • Ways to obtain a business license for the web3 house
  • Potential collaboration partners
  • Foreigner investors’ needs

All the details of the findings will be provided in the feasibility report after the research duration has ended (mid-June). Currently, simplepixlelife is looking to set up a meeting with the town’s mayor to discuss this web3 house project. If we are able to get some advice and support from the mayor, it would significantly increase the feasibility of the project. A Turkish Twitter Space on the project will also be hosted at a later date.

New Podcast Episodes

It’s been a while since the last podcast episode, but this month we’ve got two new episodes! Like always, the podcasts are hosted by our citizen MemeBrains.

  • Episode 44: DAOPlanet & DAODenver, with guests Steve Echtman and Elijah Spina. DAOPlanet is a DAO that aims to increase individual productivity, flexibility, and representation in organisations by delivering access to appropriate strategies, tools, and practices. Its grand mission is to DAOify 10 million organisations around the world.
  • Episode 45: Kleros, The Justice Protocol, with guest Guangmian Kung. Kleros is an online dispute resolution protocol that uses blockchain and crowdsourcing to fairly adjudicate disputes. With Kleros, users can submit disputes that cannot be resolved traditionally or are inefficient to do so, and receive arbitration from jurors who excel in resolving disputes in the digital realm.

You can make suggestions for guests that you want to see featured in the podcast on the CityDAO podcast website homepage or in the podcast channel in the CityDAO Discord server.

Chinese Twitter Space

A Chinese Twitter space will be held This Thursday on the topic of “Real Estate DAO exploration and Hong Kong STO policy interpretation” with two guests: Tony Tong, co-founder of Hong Kong Blockchain Association (HKBA), and Sing Wang, co-chairman of HKBA. The time of the space will be confirmed later on Twitter and Discord. Do note that the space will be conducted in Chinese.

Community Photo

A nice shot of the coast of Istanbul. When you look out to the sea horizon, it really gives you some sense of how small you are compared to the size of this vast world. Perhaps the bird in the photo also had a similar feeling.

Photo taken by simplepixellife

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