CityDAO Newspaper - March 15th, 2023

Mar 14, 2023

Hello citizens! It’s been a while. The Community Team has recently been reinstated, so we’re now back to publishing newspapers again. We’re changing our publishing schedule to twice a month instead of weekly; we’re publishing at the middle and at the end of every month. This is because we want to focus on quality instead of quantity.

This one is going to be a bit longer than usual. Please bear with us!

Snapshot Updates

There were 4 CIPs that had been approved on Snapshot in the past two and a half months:

  • CityDAO @ ETHDenver 23’ - This was a proposal to sponsor our citizens who were going to attend ETHDenver 2023 that happened during Feb 24 to Mar 5. The fund requested by the CIP covered housing, merch for citizens to war during the event, small networking events, and other resources needed to form teams and participate in the hack.
  • $9,000 USDC for Turkey Relief - On Feb 6, a massive earthquake hit Turkey-Syria. A great many lives were lost, and infrastructure damage was immense. As you may know, the Turkish CityDAO community is among the top three biggest international communities of CityDAO. This CIP requested some funding to donate to the Turkey relief effort. The donation was successfully transferred last month following the CIP.
  • CIP-142: Ongoing Back-Office Functions - This was a CIP that requested retroactive and forward compensation for Alex (alexthims) and Josh (j0sh I DAOvolution) who had been performing bookkeeping and compliance-related tasks without compensation since the beginning of 2023 due to lack of responsibility continuation plans.
  • CIP-144: Community Team - This was the CIP that allowed the community team to be back at work again. We were not active in Jan and Feb due to the continuation issue mentioned earlier, and the level of interaction had dropped by a considerable amount. We’re glad to be back again so we can make the CityDAO community more lively.

CIP-129 Team’s Achievement at ETHDenver

We would like to feature this big news as today’s first community topic. The CIP-129 (Harberger NFT marketplace) team consists of MemeBrains and TheBossDragon. The two participated in the ETHDenver 2023 hackathon with the Harberger NFT marketplace that they’re working on. They placed top 3 out of 61 teams in the “DAOs & Communities category”, and top 15 from 450 teams across all categories. They were also given the honours to deliver the final presentation, wrapping up the ETHDenver event in front of 1500 live attendees.

Big shoutout to both MemeBrains and TheBossDragon for this grand achievement!

Below are a couple of the shots from the event. In the photos, you can see MemeBrains and TheBossDragon giving the presentation. The third person is Evan, a nice chap whom the team met at the event and who has been helping them throughout.

Baby Parcel (Parcel Blanca) Update

We’ve had some developments on Baby Parcel—the project that we now more frequently refer to as “Parcel Blanca” because it sounds cooler that way. The planning of the first sub-parcel is currently in progress, with our citizen melior taking the lead. The proposed plan is to further divide the sub-parcel into several art spaces for lease. The spaces will go on sale every month, with the owner paying 10% tax on the property (essentially a harberger tax model).

The project is called Blancanvas. You can check out the presentation here.

The second sub-parcel will also be given out soon to one of the suitable candidates who submitted their Baby Parcel form that was handed out on CityDAO Twitter last month.

t0wn Update

The t0wn project now has a fancy landing page that you can check out here. It also has its own Twitter, and Discord server, both of which you can access with the link on the landing page.

The project team is currently in the process of reaching out to DAOs and Web3 organisations to become one of the first organisations of this IRL hub which may one day become the silicon valley of web3.

Chinese CityDAO Twitter Space: DAO and AI

A Chinese CityDAO Twitter Space was hosted on Mar 11 in the topic of “The intersection of DAO and AI”, with our guest Derek Zhou. The main focuses of the Space were: how to understand the “O” in the context of DAO, how DAO can be perfectly combined with blockchain due to its neutrality, and the various opportunities and potential of AI in various fields such as defi, game-fi, education, and other services. Zhou suggested that all DAOs should strongly embrace AI technology.

You can listen to the recording of the Space here.

New Podcast Episodes

We’ve had four new podcast episodes, hosted by MemeBrains, like usual. Each of these episodes are about 35 minutes long. If you want to give them a listen but you’re short on time, you could check the notes in the Podcast page (each of them are linked below), and jump to the timestamp that you are interested in.

Community Photo

One of our citizens, paxxist, went to the Parcel Blanca in person simply because he is passionate about our CityDAO project. He even bought a CityDAO NFT on the spot while he was there!

How to get involved in the newspaper: leave a message for us in the CityDAO Discord’s community channel.

Snapshots this Week