CityDAO Newspaper - June 30th, 2023

Jun 30, 2023

An important day for CityDAO is coming up. Do you remember what it is? Don’t lose your hair trying to figure it out, though. It’s not a date that you can easily look up unless you have it noted down somewhere. Nevertheless, we have a few things planned for you for the occasion, so look forward to it!

CIP-129 Q2 Milestone

The CIP-129 (NFT Marketplace) team has reached their Q2 milestone on the development roadmap! This milestone includes significant progress on the smart contract and front-end development, and MVP testnet launch. The promised features on this milestone are the following: custom domain and branded dashboard, roles and permissions, governance, and token. Below is the full roadmap of the project’s milestones for 2023.

The team will be conducting a live demo for the community on CityDAO Discord server on Thursday July 5th, 8.30 pm GMT in town-square voice to show the completed progress so far. They’re also recruiting 2-3 volunteers who would like to participate in the live demo to get a direct hands-on experience. You can reach out to MemeBrains or TheBossDragon on Discord, or MemeBrains’ Twitter Account if you’re interested.

CityDAO Web3 House Update

As a follow-up from the market research on the Turkish web3 house idea by simplepixlelife, the report has now been completed. It included information on Turkish economy state and real estate market status, run-through of the web3 house idea, benefits to CityDAO, different approaches that the project could aim for, income/expense forecasts, etc.

Currently, feedback is being accepted from the CityDAO community before the next step of the project is decided. We encourage you to give the report a read and share your thoughts on the project. Head over to the web3 house project channel if you wish to do so. Your opinion matters!

DAO Twitter Space

Our citizen MemeBrains and lastmjs from Demergent Labs co-hosted a Twitter Space over at BanklessDAO in the topic of “DAO Pain Points and Paths Forward” back on June 22nd. This was a crucial discussion topic given the current state of the market. The space featured many great guest speakers who were prominent figures from around the DAO world, and it ended up being a very fruitful session.

If you’re a DAO enthusiast and missed the space, we highly recommend you to give it a listen! The recording of the space is available here.

Community Photo

This is a theme park in Nagasaki, Japan called “Huis Ten Bosch”, based off of Netherland’s royal palace in The Hague that goes by the same name. The park features a replica of the royal palace itself and a large Dutch-style town featuring beautiful floras and easy-to-enjoy attractions. Highly recommended for families looking for a fun vacation!

How to get involved in the newspaper: leave a message for us in the CityDAO Discord server’s community channel.

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