CityDAO Newspaper - June 15th, 2023

Jun 15, 2023

Many parts of the world have entered the monsoon season. Whether you like the rain or not, that differs from person to person. But surely most of us can agree that rain is definitely undesirable when we have to go out under it. Don’t forget to bring an umbrella when you go out, citizens.

CityDAO Partnership with Lunapark

We have recently partnered with Lunapark, a web3 hub in Turkey! Not to be confused with Lunapark, the amusement park. This Lunapark is a physical web3 coworking space located in Levent, Istanbul. This partnership is offering the following perks for CityDAO citizens, effective until the end of 2023:

  • In the following 6 months, CityDAO will have 3 reserved seats for all official events held at Lunapark
  • 10% discount on food & drink at Lunapark Web3 Hub
  • CityDAO updates will be on Lunapark newsletters and social media feeds
  • CityDAO will be featured in the upcoming Coindesk Podcast project

There are many great networking opportunities to be had at Lunapark Web3 Hub. You can find more information about the space on the official website. We will keep you up to date on how to claim your seats for future Lunapark events.

CIP-129 Updates

The progress on CIP-129 (NFT Marketplace) is steady. The roadmap is still on track, and the team has been mainly focusing on the back end development of the MVP in the past month, finalising the UI and UX design for the upcoming testnet launch which will happen later this month. The team will do its best to deliver the planned feature (as seen on the roadmap) by June 30th. Below are the top 3 priorities until the next update:

  • Continued research on the smart contract, and preparation for implementing with the NodeBlock’s MVP
  • Finalising UX flow and UI designs to be implemented in time for launch day
  • Coordinating with the market and early alpha testers for early feedback on the MVP once it goes live

If you have any questions regarding the project, feel free to reach out to MemeBrains and TheBossDragon on CityDAO Discord, or MemeBrains’ Twitter account.

Baby Parcel Updates

The first sub-parcel of Baby Parcel, the Blancanvas, is moving forward with a proposal to build a monument on the sub-parcel. This monument would contain concrete blocks arranged in a QR code, which should be scannable from the air. Each concrete block would be tied to an NFT which would allow its owner to place a virtual 3D object on the block that is viewable on location through AR/XR tech.

Note that this proposal only requests compensation for the planning phase of the project. If approved, additional CIPs would follow to trigger the next phases of the project with additional funding requests. The team is hoping to fund the construction of the monument itself entirely by NFT sales, but may require partial funding from CityDAO treasury. Nevertheless, give the proposal a look!

Community Photo

On the left is a statue of Vakhtang I of Iberia in Tbilisi, capital of Georgia. Vakhtang was a pro-Roman King who was a very royal ally to the Byzantine Empire, which led him into a lengthy struggle with the Sassanids, and he was eventually defeated. Some time after, when the Sassanid King Kavad I summoned him as a vassal to join a campaign against the Romans, he refused, leading to more Sassanid incursions. Vakhtang defended his realm until his bitter end.

Photo by simplepixellife

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