CityDAO Newspaper - July 31st, 2023

Jul 31, 2023

Did you know that Scotland’s national animal is the unicorn? Yes, that's actually official. What are some of the odd things from the culture of your country that foreigners would find to be surprising? Share them with the other citizens on our Discord server!

CityDAO at ETH Toronto

CityDAO has been granted a spot for the main-stage speaker panel at ETH Toronto, which will be held on August 15th and 16th, along with an opportunity to co-host an IRL meetup during the event on August 15th, with potential collaborators being: BanklessDAO, FWB, ApeCoin DAO, and NounsDAO. ETH Toronto is a hackaton event within the Blockchain Futurist Conference, Canada’s largest crypto & blockchain conference. The panel topic that CityDAO is going to participate in is “The Rise of DAOs: A Paradigm Shift in Governance and Decision Making”.

Currently, we’re holding a temp-check for the ETH Toronto event in our Discord server. Check the announcement and answer simple questions on it by reacting to the announcement message. Your thoughts matter! In the announcement, you can also find a 50% discount code for ETH Toronto ticket.

For further inquiries on the event participation, please send a DM to @MemeBrains on CityDAO Discord server.

Partnership with Edu3Labs

CityDAO has partnered up with Edu3Labs, an "advanced educational platform that seamlessly combined online education, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technology". Edu3Labs offer various services which targets many infographics including investors, entrepreneurs, content creators, and gamer. In this partnership, we'll be receiving an offer to gain access to their NFE marketplace, a new educational platform for publishers, authors, educators, academicians, and students.

By the time that this newspaper has been published, CityDAO citizens would have already received an NFT airdrop on the testnet called "Edu3Labs x CityDAO NFT Pass". Which grants CityDAO's citizens 1 month of access (3 months for founding citizens) to Edu3Labs' NFE marketplace. Go check it out!

Brainstorming Contest Final Round

The CityDAO Brainstorming Contest is at its final stage. If you are a citizen, head over to the contest channel (link only valid through August 2nd, 5 pm GMT) and start casting votes for your favourite ideas! Remember, we will give priorities to the winning entries and consider making them into a reality in the future, so give it some thoughts about what you really want to see happen at CityDAO!

The deadline to vote on the ideas is August 2nd, 5 pm GMT. Check the contest's final round announcement for the voting rules. Please note that only citizens are able to cast votes, therefore the vote channel is only visible to citizens, and only during the voting period.

Turkish IRL Event

The Turkish CityDAO community will be holding an IRL meetup event on August 5th, the place of the meetup is to be confirmed later. In the meetup, you can expect productive discussions, food and drinks, CityDAO merch, etc. There are also some surprises for attendees as well. CityDAO citizens are free to attend, so mark the date if you’re interested!

The place and time of the meetup is to be confirmed later. The full announcement will be posted on CityDAO Discord’s community channel and TR channel once it is decided.

Twitter Spaces

In the upcoming week, we’ll be holding two different Twitter Spaces.

  • A Turkish Twitter Space on the topic around the newly established partnership between CityDAO and Edu3Labs DAO. Date and time is unconfirmed. An English space on the same topic might also be held later following this space.
  • A Chinese Twitter Space on the topic of “RWA, the next big narrative?” (RWA means real-world assets) at 12 o'clock GMT+8 on August 3rd.

Once the date and time is confirmed for the TR space (and potentially the following English space), the link will be shared in CityDAO Discord’s community channel.

Community Photo

In the photo is a part of Erbil, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan. Rows upon rows of resident buildings packed side by side as far as the eye can see. This is only a small part of Erbil. There are many amazing places in the city that you can visit.

Photo by simplepixellife

How to get involved in the newspaper: leave a message for us in the CityDAO Discord server’s community channel.

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