CityDAO Newspaper - July 15th, 2023

Jul 15, 2023

Summer is really getting into gear now, and the heat (or the cold, if you live upside down) is getting more intense. If you start to get headache and nausea from the heat but you don’t sweat, or you see someone with said symptoms, get medical attention immediately, because those are signs of a heatstroke. Stay safe, citizens. Now, let's get to the news.

CityDAO Brainstorming Contest

In celebration of CityDAO 2nd year anniversary, we’re hosting two contests back-to-back in July and August. The first contest is currently underway: the CityDAO Brainstorming Contest. All information on the contest can be found in the contest announcement in CityDAO’s Discord server. In short, like the contest title suggests, you’ll need to come up with ideas about what you want to see happen at CityDAO. We may consider making your ideas come true, so make sure to get your submissions in!

The deadline to submit your ideas is July 20th, 5 pm GMT. Check the contest announcement for the rules and submission method.

CIP-129 Updates

We’ve got some new updates from the CIP-129 (NFT Marketplace) team. A sample DAO was successfully launched on the Diamond smart contract with embedded customised roles, permissions, token, and governance. The live demo on the completed progress so far was hosted on July 5th like promised. Over a dozen CityDAO citizens attended the live demo. For the next steps, the team will continue to optimise the UI, and priorities for Q3 (see roadmap here) are being set.

Q3 Priorities

  • Improving UI elements to better complement the backend architecture and framework
  • Commence the build of the Harberger Tax Protocol and the Marketplace, starting in August
  • Prepare a recorded live demo to be circulated among the alpha testers for feedback
  • Commence early stage UI elements live testing with alpha testers for additional feedback

If you have any questions, you can reach out to MemeBrains or TheBossDragon in CityDAO Discord server, or directly via MemeBrains’s Twitter account.

Podcast Episode 47

A new CityDAO podcast is out, hosted by our citizen MemeBrains like usual. This time featuring BanklessDAO! Our guest is Links, one of BanklessDAO’s multisig. In case you haven’t heard of them, BanklessDAO was founded on May 4th, 2021 by David Hoffman and Ryan Sean Adams based on their own media company, Bankless LLC (itself still operating on its own node). BanklessDAO’s mission is to onboard one billion people into the crypto world.

Listen to CityDAO podcast episode 47 “BanklessDAO, Educating The Masses, & DAO Sustainability” here.

Interesting Fact

CityDAO’s Parcel 0 is located one hour north of Cody, a cosy town in northwest Wyoming. Did you know that this town was founded by Buffalo Bill, the famous American old west showman? His full name was William Frederick Cody, hence the town Cody. 

Buffalo Bill was known for his tour gig called Buffalo Bill's Wild West. He was also a soldier who participated in 16 battles during the American Civil Wars and the Indian Wars. His nickname Buffalo Bill came from the time during which he was contracted to supply the Kansas Republic Railroad construction workers with buffalo, and he reportedly hunted over 4200 buffalos in 1867 and 1868. 

Buffalo Bill was impressed by the region around today’s Cody for its rich soil, irrigation, beautiful scenery, games to hunt, and proximity to the Yellowstone National Park, and so he later returned to the area to start the town. Today, the town features a complex of museums dedicated to him, called the Buffalo Bill Center of the West.

Old Trail Town, a part of the museum complex in Cody.
William Frederick Cody (Buffalo Bill)

How to get involved in the newspaper: leave a message for us in the CityDAO Discord server’s community channel.

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