CityDAO Newspaper - December 27th, 2023

Dec 27, 2023

It is now the last week of 2023, the time of the year to take proper rest, celebrate, and spend time with friends and family; the last being more important than others. Be sure to properly spend time with the people who are important to you while you can, citizens. Now, onto the news.

City Council Updates

Before CIP-202 was put up for voting on Snapshot, we’ve received feedback from some of you about transparency concerns, and we hear you. Therefore, we’ll be including updates from the council on the newspaper from now on. That said, all the work that the council is doing is not limited to what we are publishing. Some updates will be published when they’re ready. For now, here are the updates that the CityDAO council would like to share with you all.

CityDAO Discord management

Our Discord is a place where citizens and people who’re interested in our projects can discuss with each other. Therefore, we’d like to maintain a good atmosphere so members can enjoy their time on the server. An announcement had been made in the server a couple weeks back, clarifying how city law violators will be dealt with. For the next step, we’ll be working on a grievance/complaint process where citizens will be able to file a complaint and it’ll be dealt with formally. We’ll let you know about the details of the process once we have it set up.

CIP Quorum/approval rating

Currently, we have two different quorums that a CIP that requests funding needs to reach in order to pass Snapshot: 250 quorum for proposals that request less than $10k, and 500 quorum for proposals that ask for $10k or more. And the approval rating is fixed to 51% in favour or more. For some time, we’ve been having problems with the quorum specifically, since there are not enough active NFTs holders who vote for the proposals. And even if there is, 500 quorum with 51% approval threshold for any amount of funding request from $10k to the entire CityDAO treasury is another big problem. Therefore, we’re working to change both the quorum and the approval rating. We’re continuing the previously proposed CIP-183; however, the final change may be different.

Projects management

We’re working on getting all the existing CityDAO projects in order, the most critical among them being our parcel projects. As you are aware, we currently have two Parcels: the ~40 acres Parcel 0 in Wyoming, and the ~5 acres Parcel Blanca in Colorado. As our contributors come and go, we currently lack proper management for both parcels. These two parcels are currently our only existing land assets, and they need to be cared for until we can decide on what projects will be carried out on them (any citizen can participate in the decision by sparking up conversations in the Parcel 0/Baby Parcel channel and proposing CIPs).

Keynote at AthensDAOx

Representing CityDAO, one of our citizens, MemeBrains, had the opportunity to deliver a keynote on the topic of “DAOs and the Future of Human Organization," which also included an introduction about the CityDAO project, at the AthensDAOx event. Organised by AthensDAO, AthensDAOx was an offline conference held in Athens on December 9th and 10th. The event featured DAO panels—where the Keynote was delivered—featuring renowned personalities around the DAO space, workshops where groups of people worked towards specific topics, and DAO onboarding for people wanting to get involved with DAOs. As for the keynote, it was certainly well received. You can watch a recording of it here.

AthensDAOx concluded with an afterparty for the attendees to have a good time while networking with each other. Our CityDAO representative met with many builders who showed interest towards CityDAO, with plenty of compliments and curiosity on what our next steps are. They also would be pleased to have CityDAO at the event again next year. Overall, it was a huge PR win for us. Big shoutout to MemeBrains, our representative.

It is always great to have a citizen representing CityDAO at a big DAO or web3 related event. If you’re a citizen who would like to represent CityDAO at similar events, feel free to reach out to us on our Discord server; we can help provide you with the resources to do so.

Featured Community Photos

Abstract Istunbul. Photo by simplepixellife
ETH Day. Photo by simplepixellife

"Basically, it was a roller coaster of web 3 events! I took 3 days off work so i can attend the ones i wanted the most. ETH Day, notdevcon, Solana, Abstract, StarkNet and many more. Seminars, hackathons, panels, presentations from different countries and web3 communities. It was a great chance to learn new things from different projects, a great chance for networking, and a great opportunity for me to tell the story of CityDAO."

How to get involved in the newspaper: leave a message for us in the CityDAO Discord server’s community channel.

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