CityDAO Newspaper - August 31st, 2023

Aug 31, 2023

As the season changes, so do the appetites in various regions throughout the world. One of the popular food items in East Asia is Pacific saury, often known by its Japanese name “sanma”. You can eat Pacific saury all-year long, but they're particularly delicious in autumn since they accumulate fat in preparations for winter (this is true for many other animals too). Does your country have any seasonal dishes for autumn? Share them with the other citizens on our Discord server!

ETH Toronto Digest

ETH Toronto was a crypto event that was hosted in conjunction with the Blockchain Futurist Conference, Canada’s largest web3 event that took place during August 15th/16th, 2023. There were over 6000 attendees that participated in the event. CityDAO was represented on the official DAO panel on stage, and an after-party was also co-hosted with BanklessDAO. This was the first time that we hosted an official IRL event with BanklessDAO, and we hope that similar events can be hosted in the future at other major crypto events.

Through the event, CityDAO has received a significant amount of exposure. There were about 100 attendees at the DAO panel, and around 75 at the after-party. There were also online exposure through the official ETH Toronto website, mentioned tweets, etc. We obtained many social media content from the event, including short interviews with seven of the after-party attendees. Many connections were also formed through strategic meetings with leaderships from communities such as Krause House, ApeCoin DAO, Bored Apes Canada, 8DAO, Toronto DAO, PizzaDAO, Bufficorn Ventures, and more. And as a souvenir for the after-party, 21 CityDAO event badges were minted at the after-party (these are like POAPs; they’re mostly just for collection).

Needless to say, there were some challenges along the way, notably due to the short notice which caused things to be rushed, worsening by the fact that there was only one person who coordinated everything. Big shout-out to our citizen MemeBrains for being that person! Overall, the event was certainly a success. We’re looking forward to more opportunities like this in the future.

CityDAO 360 Accelerator Report

A collaboration on the Web3 Accelerator Programme, the CityDAO 360, was held between May 22nd and June 17th, 2023. The programme offered 12 promising young people in India and the UAE an opportunity to participate in a practical learning experience focusing on IRL projects, coding, and other essential skills such as team building, research, time management, etc. The programme was guided by a team of experienced faculty members and facilitators, including two CityDAO citizens: Tippi Fifestarr and Melinda McClimans. There were also special guests that included professions in blockchain tech and governance.

Each of the 12 participants were given assignments which had specific deadlines and requirements to be completed. The mastery-based approach was used, and the participants weren’t being expected to complete all the challenges. Nevertheless, eight of the participants still completed all of the key requirements, with two teams successfully crossing the finish line, which was an amazing deed. Throughout the journey, the students had the opportunity to gain first-hand experience through immersion in CityDAO forums, forming a team and learning to work in one, picking up crucial problem-solving skills along the way. Three important concepts that were studied and applied in the final projects were: MVP, decentralised governance, and organisational headwind. Overall, the participants were very satisfied with the programme.

Many collaborators came together to make this programme possible. Shout-out to Milan Global, Imerxn, Archipelago Rising, Growthospere, Harvard Innovation Lab, CityDAO citizen Blackacres, and all the other parties involved. The team is hoping to organise a similar event again some time in the future, so please look forward to it!

You can check out CityDAO’s past education and research efforts here.

CityDAO Podcast ep.48

A new CItyDAO podcast episode is out, hosted by our citizen MemeBrains like always. This time featuring Krause House, a DAO governed by a community of fans, basketball lovers, and purists. Their goal is to acquire and operate a NBA team as a DAO. They have already achieved their first step through their purchase of the American’s 3x3 basketball team that plays in the BIG3 league, the “Ball Hogs”. They’re currently working on writing consensus rules that will bring the first fan-governed team to the NBA. Give the episode a listen if you’re interested!

CityDAO Podcast ep.48: Crowd Owned Sports Teams & The Future of Professional Sports, featuring Krause House.

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Our citizen MemeBrains building at a local cafe

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