CityDAO Newspaper - August 15th, 2023

Aug 16, 2023

At the time of the publishing of this newspaper, an IRL meetup event co-hosted by CityDAO and BanklessDAO titled “DAO O'Clock” that was being hosted in tandem with ETH Toronto would already have ended just shortly before. Were you able to attend the event, citizens? We hope you had fun and made many meaningful connections!

Various CIPs up on the Forum

There are currently many new CIPs from CityDAO’s core contributors up on the forum, some of which include: Community Team’s CIP for the next term, a proposal to establish a city hall by scottfits (CityDAO’s founder), a proposal to seriously explore the Network City idea, among other proposals. Make sure to go on the forum and give the proposals a read, give them some hearts if you want the proposals to go through to Snapshot (you need to be a CityDAO citizen for your heart to be counted), and comment if you would like to share your opinion or learn more about the proposal.

Head over to the CityDAO forum to check out the proposals here.

CIP-129 Updates

The private-alpha version of the UI/Transparency Dashboard for CityDAO had been successfully launched on the CityDAO website. You can check it out by heading over to this webpage. The team is now focusing on developing it further and integrating feedback from CityDAO citizens and other DAOs into the development, while also working on the Harberger Tax module in order to complete the milestone 3 of the project.

From 12+ alpha testers who have experimented with the Transparency Dashboard, all of them replied with positive feedback. The team is currently discussing with the leadership teams from other DAOs for more feedback and is preparing for future scaling. If you have further inquiries on the project, please send a DM to @MemeBrains on the CityDAO Discord server.

Turkish CityDAO Article

The second article in the CityDAO local article series was published. The CityDAO local article series is an article series where we sponsor reputable article publishers in the web3 space to publish a CityDAO article for us. The content of the article is about the CityDAO project in general, and the purpose of the article series is to reach more local people in the web3 space who haven't known about us.

The article is in the Turkish language. You can check it out here.

Interesting Fact

Did you know that the first ever commercial transaction of Bitcoin was made in exchange for a couple of pizzas? On May 22nd, 2010, a Floridan man exchanged 10000 BTC for two pizzas, which were worth around $40, about the price of 10000 BTC at the time. This simple transaction made a huge impact on the currency as a whole. Today, 10000 BTC is worth around $290,000,000 USD. May 22nd is now known in the crypto world as Bitcoin Pizza Day.

Featured Community Photo

Simplepixellife and Turkish CityDAO citizens hanging out at an IRL meetup

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