CityDAO Newspaper - April 30th, 2023

Apr 30, 2023

Before you know it, another month has ended. Time waits for no man. Spend it wisely, citizens. With that said, let's get to the news.

CIP-129 NFT Marketplace Updates

We’ve got some new CIP-127 updates. The project has received the contracted funding for the first three milestones, and is now progressing on schedule. The foundation building of the MVP is coming along well, and will continue to be regarded as the top priority until it is live.

Highlights updates
  • Development roadmap for the rest of 2023 has been created.
  • Steady progress on smart contract preparation, design, and development.
  • The GovBlocks venture that was used to participate in ETHDenver hackathon has been rebranded to NodeBlocks for the project.
  • The team is receiving feedback from communities around the market, and the list of alpha testers for NodeBlocks is being prepared.
  • A Twitter Space was hosted, with 2000 people tuned in to listen so far.
  • 13 MOUs have been signed by leaders from supportive communities.
Current big two priorities
  • Continuation of smart contract research, development, and preparation for implementation with NodeBlocks MVP.
  • Keeping in touch with the market for feedback on the MVP when it goes live, including alpha testers for NodeBlocks.

You can read the full update here. If you wish to inquire about the project, you may reach out to MemeBrains or TheBossDragon in the project's channel.

CityDAO AI Contest Result

CityDAO AI Contest results are in! This has been a fun contest, seeing how our citizens come up with various different artworks using AI engines. All the submissions are amazing, but alas, the winner has to be chosen. The way the winners were chosen were by popular votes, and the two judges (Lupei and simplepixlelife) picked their personal top three according to the judging criteria and give those submissions extra points.

One might argue that it’s all the AI work and the submitter didn’t do any work, but AI art engines, at least for the time being, are not yet smart enough that you can simply say “hey, make me a good CityDAO artwork that I can win a contest with” and they’ll do exactly that. You need to provide proper guidance for them to create great artwork that matches your needs.

Below are the three winning artworks, including submissions that are included in the judges’ top picks but did not make it to the final top three.

Hong Kong IRL CityDAO Event

On April 26th, an IRL event was hosted in Hong Kong. The event was co-hosted by CityDAO, Wonderful Labs, Crypto Flow, and 7 O’Clock Capital. It featured a 3 hours seminar on the topics of web3 city, DAO, and governance, and a networking session. The seminar was insightful, and the attendees had a great time networking with each other.

Although they can be costly depending on the content and scale, an IRL event is a great way to build connections, both among the CityDAO citizens and between other web3 organisations. We hope to host more of these events some time in the future.

Community Photo

The featured photo this time is one of the shots from the Hong Kong IRL CityDAO Event.

How to get involved in the newspaper: leave a message for us in the CityDAO Discord’s community channel.

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