CityDAO Newspaper - April 15th, 2023

Apr 15, 2023

Hello citizens. This is our third newspaper of the year. It’s now half-way through Spring. Have you been able to see blooming flowers around you? Snap some photos and post them on our Discord server!

New proposal: Web3 House by CityDAO

A new proposal has been approved on Snapshot: Web3 House by CityDAO

This is a proposal from a Turkish citizen, simplepixellife, who is looking to establish a web3 house in Turkey. However, this is not a CIP to initiate the actual project per se. Establishing a CityDAO-owned property outside of the US will prove to be challenging and comes with many risks. Thus, this proposal requests a $3000 budget to fund a 2-month long research to find out whether it is feasible to establish a web3 house in Turkey.

At the end of 2 months, a feasibility report will be provided no matter the outcome of the research. The report will include real estate market analysis, operation process, economic analysis, feedback from web3 communities, legal issues, opportunities & threats, etc. And only if the result shows that the project is feasible, a full CIP to actually establish the web3 house will be proposed.

Here is a comment from simplepixellife: “Thanks to all citizens for voting for the proposal. I'll do my best to investigate every possible topic related to Web 3 House in Turkiye. CityDAO is all about experimentation, and this one will be one of the best!”

t0wn Update

The t0wn project has been progressing slower than expected to to governance issues within CityDAO—improvements on CityDAO’s governance are regularly being worked on, you can read more in the previous newspaper—but worry not, the project is far from being forgotten. Considerable amount of progress has been made towards each of the project’s milestones.

Highlight updates:

  • The project team has conversations with DAO Lens, Polygon, and Aragon regarding the project. Some other DAOs and web3 organisations also showed interest towards the project.
  • Discord server of the project is up and running. You can join from the project’s landing page.
  • Scott, one of the project team members, had a conversation with a real estate company that owns spaces similar to what the project is looking to create.
  • Scott is looking into a unique method to crowdsource money for the project, and has been in touch with Alex Tabarrok, a researcher and professor of economics from George Mason University. He discussed the method in question in this video.
  • Scott had a discussion with Optimism on the topic of t0wn being a long-term method to fund digital public goods.

Next priorities:

  • Reach out to more DAOs/Web3 organisations.
  • Continue to look into suitable properties.
  • Continue to build towards the vision of t0wn.

You can read the update in full here.

CityDAO AI Contest

We’re currently holding a CityDAO AI artwork contest on our Discord! Recently, there has been a rapid advancement in AI technology, and we wanted to see how adept our citizens are with AI tech. The deadline was originally set to be today, but we decided to extend the deadline so more people have a chance to participate.

To participate in this contest, all you have to do is use any AI engine to create a CityDAO artwork, and post it on Twitter with hashtags #CityDAO and #Web3CityOfTheFuture. You may only submit once, so choose wisely! The rest of the details of the contest can be found on the Discord announcement here and here.

The new deadline to submit your artwork for the contest is April 22nd, 17:00 GMT.

Chinese CityDAO Article

In the first of our local CityDAO article series, we have our first article in Chinese language. In this article series, we’re looking for famous web3 persons among the local communities and offer a deal for them to write and publish a CityDAO article for us in order to further spread our brand awareness outside of the US.

The article is fully in Chinese, but since it is written in proper language, if you translate the page to English using Google, most if not all of the article will be comprehensible. The article features some of our history, updates on our active projects, Parcel 0 park bench journey, etc.

You can read the article here.

Community Photo

A picture of the historical fortress of Anadolu Hisarı, which translates to “Anatolian Castle”. This fortress was built by Sultan Bayezid I of the Ottoman Empire in 1394 in order to gain control of the Bosphorus Strait.

Photo by simplepixellife

On the other side of the strait is another fortress, Rumeli Hisarı, translating to “Rumelian Castle”. This one was built later in 1452 by sultan Mehmed II, famously known as Mehmed the conqueror, a year before he captured the legendary city of Constantinople, which then became Istanbul.

Photo by simplepixellife

How to get involved in the newspaper: leave a message for us in the CityDAO Discord’s community channel.

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