Weekly Newspaper 29th of August

Aug 29, 2022

CIP-100 Live on Snapshot

The Web3 City

CIP-100: the Web3 City which combines art, land, and web3. Itcould potentially be the critical turning points for CityDAO, andit’s waiting for you to vote. If you haven't cast your vote yet, werecommend that you review the entire proposal and then castyour vote on the project.The deadline for the voting is 29th August, 5 PM GMT(that’s today!)

Hurry up :)

Media Call with Sapien Nation Team

Last week, we had a great call between Sapien Nation Teamand our Media Guild. We see collaboration as the key for us DAOs to take anotherstep forward towards our goals. In the call, we talked aboutwhat we’ve done so far, what needs to be done in the mid/long-term, and what the expections for DAOs in the future are. As CityDAO team, we really enjoyed the conversation and can’twait to make more calls like this.

Who needs a break at Parcel-0?

Feeling tired ? Need a break after a walk at Parcel-0 ?Maybe you want to have some chat with citizens IRL ?We have a small surprise for those of you who want to visit Parcel-0.A small step for the development of our first parcel.We’ve arranged a small bench on Parcel-0 that citizens can useduring their visit. Yes, a bench! And it’s anchored to the ground!


As things are heating up for our Parcel 0 project, we’ve createdsix new channels where you can discuss Parcel-0 related topicson our Discord. All the brands new channels are waiting for yourcomments and contributions.

  • #pzero-general
  • #pzero-governance
  • #pzero-irl
  • #pzero-nfts
  • #pzero-dirt-to-data
  • #pzero-voice

Stay Safe, Citizens

We have been attacked by bots several times last week on ourDiscord.We want to remind you to be mindful and never click anylinks that you don’t trust, and we also encourage you to report anypossible scams in the #report-scams channel.

Snapshots this Week
The Network City