Weekly Newspaper 22th of August

Aug 22, 2022

CityDAO Twitter Contest: How to Build a Better Tomorrow

Our next CityDAO contest is HERE! This time, participants are required to answer one question given by us in the form of an essay andsubmit it on Twitter. The question that you have to answer:

"What major problem could potentially be resolved with a network city and how?"


  • 1st place - $400 + 1 citizen NFT
  • 2nd place - $300 + 1 citizen NFT
  • 3rd place - $200 + 1 citizen NFT

How to Submit

  1. Write your answer on Google Docs or anothershareable document services
  2. Create a shareable link
  3. Tweet your link with a catchy one-line title
  4. Use the hashtag #CityDAOBuildBetter


  1. Submit on Twitter as per the instruction above(no Discord submission)
  2. The maximum length for the essay is 500words. No minimum length
  3. Only 1 submission per person. Only in English
Submission Deadline

Friday September 2nd, 5pm GMT

Roundtable Series Are Here !

We started off our new series with Nation 3 and Afropolitan.We discussed about Future Cities and related topics. It wassuch a great talk we didn t want it to end.

This series will be happening every First and ThirdWednesday of each month.

If you don t want to miss it, set your reminder now !

Website Update

There is an ongoing work about our website which is pretty exciting !

The Design Guild is working for an update that will automatically linkour notion s work to the web site.Isn t that cool ?

Stay tuned. More news on the way

Charter V2

A specialized team is currently working on strengthening ourgovernance system and clarify any ambiguity by drafting abrand new "Charter V2"

Who s up for Casual Friday Events ?

Don t you want to chill a bit ?Chat with citizens about anything you want...Have a drink maybe ?Regular casual Friday networking/brainstorming events withencouraged video call. This will be fun

Snapshots this Week